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News published on 13 June 2024

New data sheets available: Radicchio , Yellow onion and Pack Choi

After several years of R&D work, we now offer 3 new products to be stored in Janny MT modules:

Radicchio: Radicchio quality declines throughout the winter. The Janny MT equipment enables radicchio of excellent quality to be stored at the end of November and marketed between March and April. Preservation is a real economic challenge for this Italian product.

Yellow onions: Long storage times lead to sprouting and weight loss. Storage in Janny MT modules for 10 months prevents sprouting. An ideal solution for maintaining freshness and avoiding loss of quality.

Pak Choï: A product that swells visibly depending on the weather. It has to be harvested at the right size, otherwise it's no longer marketable. Janny MT modules are ideal for triggering harvesting at the right time, and offering consumers the right sizes without any losses.

The entire Janny MT technical team works hard every day to bring you a simple storage solution.

We'll soon be unveiling 2 more products... to help you break through the 50-fruit, vegetable, condiment, mushroom, flower and herb barrier.

News published on 20 May 2024

JANNY MT at the SMA MEDFOOD trade fair

We were present at the SMA MEDFOOD trade fair in Sfax, Tunisia from 15 to 19 May 2024 with our partner SOFPINCE.
Since 2002, the SMAMEDFOOD association has been organising the Mediterranean Agriculture and Food Show in Sfax, a city that is emblematic of Tunisian agriculture.
Sfax stands out for its leadership in various agricultural sectors. The regional economy offers a wide range of opportunities, from olive growing to cattle rearing. With 151 exhibitors, the show fosters exchanges between national and international players, contributing to regional economic growth and cooperation in the Mediterranean.

News published on 06 May 2024

New data sheets available: Jerusalem artichoke, Daffodil, Fig

After several years of R&D work, we are offering 3 new products to be stored in Janny MT modules:

Jerusalem artichokes: The start of vegetative growth in March means that Jerusalem artichokes have to be harvested before they start growing again. Storing them in modules for 3 months is an essential solution for increasing volumes at the end of the season.

Daffodils: An early flower, sometimes too early, which needs to be stored for 1 month. Storing them in Janny MT modules allows us to spread out the mass arrival of production between February and March.

Figs: Production is closely linked to the weather and production peaks are frequent. The Janny MT modules provide considerable flexibility in stock management to meet market demand.

The entire Janny MT technical team works on a daily basis to provide you with a simple storage solution.

We will shortly be unveiling 3 other products ... to take you past the 50 fruit, vegetables, condiments, mushrooms, flowers and aromatic herbs mark.

News published on 19 April 2024

JANNY MT at the Croquons l'innovation competition

We're proud to have been selected as one of the 10 Burgundy companies in the "Croquons l'innovation" competition.

The aim of the competition was to put the spotlight on start-ups and SMEs offering innovative food services or products that contribute to meeting major challenges around the agri-food sector:

- Reducing the environmental impact of agricultural and food production,
- Reducing food waste and promoting the circular economy,
- Meeting consumers' expectations in terms of transparency/usability, etc., through the use of intelligent tools and digital technologies.

The "Croquons l'innovation" competition was organized as part of the Forum des Opportunités agricoles et de la transition alimentaire held on Wednesday, April 3, 2024 in Dole.

Many thanks to the organizers for this event.
The whole of Janny MT continues to be mobilized to participate in this food transition alongside fruit and vegetable growers.

News published on 21 March 2024

JANNY MT at the Grand festival du maraîchage bio!

An event by and for market gardeners!

We took part in the Grand festival du maraîchage bio for its second edition, on March 19 and 20, 2024, in the Cher region of France.

Two days of conferences, round tables and equipment demonstrations: an event not to be missed.

On March 19, round-table discussions were scheduled on tillage, towed equipment, communication, restaurant marketing, laying hens and ginger cultivation. A conference on revitalizing the organic sector was organized with Laure Verdeau, head of Agence Bio.

On March 20, round tables were devoted to the use of organic mulch, working in association, Cuma, intensive use of plant cover, no-till woven fabric, agroforestry, mushroom cultivation and online sales. Johanna Manteau (Fnab) and Alexandre Barrier-Guillot (Frab Aura) addressed the theme of resilience to climate change. Both days were interspersed with equipment demonstrations.

During the day, a village of exhibitors completed the program, and in the evening, a festive evening with a joyful concert.

News published on 01 December 2023

JANNY MT wins the Food/Agriculture category of the Grand Prix Impact!

We are extremely proud to have been selected from among 1,400 green tech companies to win 1st prize in the Food/Agriculture category of the Grand Prix Impact by the World Impact Summit.
Years of work, a great team, partners and customers, without whom this would not be possible.
This prize rewards our involvement in the ecological transition. It's an award that's in line with our company's strategy.
Many thanks also to the organisers.