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News published on 11 May 2023

The arrival of spring

The flowering of fruit trees heralds the arrival of spring, April and May are key months for fruit trees. At this time of year the trees start to draw nutrients and minerals from the soil again. This is the time of year when the flower buds of the trees develop to reveal their buds. Once they appear, the young leaves and flowers develop. Happy season to all fruit growers !

News published on 12 April 2023

Focus on gas measurements

We take daily gas readings at fruit and vegetable producers.

The monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide is an important indicator for the proper functioning of the preservation process.

Here are some examples for the different crops: Radishes, apples, cabbage, leeks, pears.

To obtain CO2 levels below 1%, we use Captacal.

Very good measurements carried out by the Janny MT teams with the Tiempo Test Green analyser.