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News published on 01 August 2022

Janny MT's expertise in the preservation process

Janny MT will help you to ensure that your conservation is ideal. Our project managers are available to discuss your preservation projects.

News published on 30 June 2022

Meet us at De Perendag, pear day in the Netherlands !

Today, 30th June, meet us at De Perendag 2022 (pear day), Nicolas will be happy to discuss about your projects and postharvest solutions in Krabbendijke (4413 NK) in the Netherlands.

News published on 29 March 2022

Flower storage plays a major role for the different holidays

Flower storage plays a major role in smoothing out sales between different holidays, or in preparing the sales period ahead of peak deliveries. At the beginning of the year, a few important holidays for flower sales are Valentine's Day, followed by Mother's Day in the UK and Easter. 
Here is a picture of a beautiful 18 days preservation of tulips in the UK.