Airtight storage

The simplicity of the seal

Airtightness is one of the prerequisites of natural controlled atmosphere. It is also a quality that alone responds to many storage problems.
  • While the natural controlled atmosphere is only intended for the storage of fresh, breathing products, simple airtightness finds applications in a multitude of fields!

    By removing the selective permeability membranes from its lid, and keeping the tightness seal and clip closure: Janny MT offers the airtight module. A remarkably simple solution, air & watertight, to protect dry products, food or non-food, from all external aggressions.

    From food processing to electronics, military or waste management, the potential applications of airtight modules are almost infinite.

All the protections in the clip of a lid

  • Protection against oxidation

    Many products, food or non-food, are sensitive to oxidation by oxygen in the ambient air. Once stored in airtight modules with the addition of oxygen absorbers, they can be kept in a low air oxygen environment, thus limiting any degradation by oxidation.
  • Protection against dust

    Dust build-up in storage areas is no longer a concern once the goods are stored in sealed modules.
  • UV protection

    Ultraviolet rays may be invisible to the human eye, but they are nonetheless harmful to a wide range of goods and products. The Janny MT module offers a natural protection against light damage thanks to the lid & walls of the bin being opaque.
  • Protection against humidity and humidity variations

    Once the lid is clipped on, the module will block moisture exchange with the outside. Whether in liquid or gaseous form, the presence of water in the module is therefore limited to that present in the space not occupied by the products stored on the day of closing. This quantity does not increase or vary as long as the module is closed: ideal to prevent any degradation by humidity or its variations in the storage environment.
  • Protection against drying out

    If the module is filled with products whose water evaporates, this humidity will very quickly saturate the internal air of the module, and as soon as this saturation point is reached, this phenomenon of evaporation mechanically stops. The risk of continuous drying of the products, which would alter their quality, is cancelled.
  • Protection against insects

    If neither water nor air can enter a closed airtight module, neither can insects. Our modules are a natural solution to protect batches of products that are potentially attractive to pests. It is also effective in the other way, to isolate batches and prevent insects present in one batch from spreading to others.
  • Protection against rodents

    This is even more obvious than for insects: rodents have absolutely no way of making their way to the products stored in the waterproof module. Whether for seeds or processed products, the Janny MT seal guarantees peace of mind.
  • Overflow protection

    For products stored in brine (such as olives) or other types of liquids, the tightness of the Janny MT lid makes it possible to handle stocks quietly without risk of overflow: perfect for keeping work areas clean.
  • Protection against theft (lid can be secured)

    The Janny MT lid offers several easy-to-use security options (from clamps to padlocks) to ensure that goods are protected from theft during storage or transport.
  • Easy to handle and sustainable equipment

    Whether in the 3 skids or 4 feet version, the box-pallet format of the Janny MT airtight modules makes them easy to handle just like any other pallet. Their rectangular footprint ensures optimal use of storage space.

When simplicity of use goes with diversity of usages

  • Olive

    Debittering and storage in brine, protection against oxidation.
  • Seeds

    Protection against rodents, isolation of batches, protection against humidity variations and maintenance of germinative quality, CO2 inerting...
  • Dried fruits and vegetables

    Protection against oxidation and maintenance of quality.
  • Persimmon

    Astringency treatment with CO2.
  • Aromatic and medicinal plants

    Protection against extra drying, preservation of the active ingredients.
  • Flours & processed products

    Protection against pests, humidity, oxidation.
  • Agri-food

    Protecting and maintaining the quality of raw materials and finished products.
  • Grapevine harvest

    Protection against rain.
  • Brewing and microvinification

    Fermentation control.
  • Electronic equipment

    Protection against humidity and dust.
  • Works of art

    Protection against humidity and pests.
  • Storage of all types of equipment

    Archives, military equipment, city equipment...
  • Transport of liquid products

    Prevents overflows.
  • Hazardous waste or products

    Containment, protection against odors.
  • And more...

    The list of applications for airtight modules could go on and on, as users of this equipment use it for a variety of purposes. But for you, perhaps there are other storage issues that our airtight modules can solve?

The list of applications for airtight modules could go on and on, as users of this equipment use it for a variety of purposes. But to you, to which one of your storage issue our airtight modules will be the answer?

Our products

We also offer a whole range of accessories to adapt the use of airtight modules to specific applications: immersion grid, oxygen absorber, moisture absorbers, drain plug... Contact us to study your sealed storage project.