Controlled atmosphere

Research & development

  • Expand the list of storable fruits and vegetables in CA modules

    CA modules are designed to extend the shelf life of all fresh, breathing products. But the modalities of their use (temperature, quantity per container, membrane surface, adapted harvesting stage...) are not yet defined for all fruits, vegetables, flowers, mushrooms... of the creation.

    If you wish to use our modules to preserve a product that is not yet officially in our range, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. We have an important history of test data on a large number of fresh products, and we are always interested in studying the adaptation of the modules to a new product.

  • Continuously improve the user experience

    The Janny MT modules, whether with the controlled atmosphere or the airtight lid, are appreciated by our customers for their ease of use. Our second main focus of research and development is to make their use ever more convenient and efficient for growers.

    New solutions for monitoring gas rates, module connectivity, membrane improvements, optimization of cold room occupancy... there is no shortage of ways to work!