Simplicity of the seal

Janny MT / Flexible multipurpose air/watertight solution for collect, storage and transport

Storage of sensitive products
- To UV-rays (opaque module)
- To dust / sand / water… (Airtight and watertight module)

Food industry
- Soaking into brine (olives, mushrooms, sour cherries…)
- Recycling of perishable food (yoghourt, biscuits…)
- Curing of meat and cooked meats
- Food processing in general (food quality of the module)
- Preservation of products sensitive to oxidation (fresh cheese, walnut…)

Collect and/or transport
- Fluids and liquids (no overflowing)
- Containment (polluted products, all types of batteries, solvents…)
- Safety (options to ensure a safe transport)

Option of security and control

- Place to secure the module thanks to the use of seals, secure thread, padlock...
- Possibility of controls of the temperature and the hygrometry via RFID tag with an integrated sensor of temperature or humidity ; monitoring data received thanks to a specific data analysis software.

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Food industry

Collect and/or transport

Grape harvest

Storage of sensitive products



Disinsectization of work of art


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